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Stratus EMR translates a few clicks into a complete medical record. It sorts through large databases to quickly give you the information you need. It retrieves the necessary information from insurance companies — in seconds and without picking up the phone.


  • One package that seamlessly integrates everything needed to document treatment, submit claims and get a good night's sleep*
  • E-prescribing application built into our standard software package
  • Full capability to schedule appointments and automate appointment reminders
  • Easy tracking and management of patient drug lists, allergies and condition history
  • Easy importing of medication history directly from the patient's insurance provider and pharmacy. So if the patient forgets the name of that little pink pill, Stratus EMR can tell you


*While Stratus EMR has no clinically proven effect on the quality of your sleep, we think knowing your patients' records are complete, accurate and easily accessible can't help but alleviate some tossing and turning.