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Stratus EMR's built in e-prescribing software allows you to send all prescriptions - including controlled substances - electronically. 

Our e-prescribing feature ensures that you'll reduce prescription diversion while saving time and energy.

  • E-prescribing of all drugs 
  • Electronic prior authorization for prescriptions (coming late Feb.)
  • Formulary information at your fingertips
  • Ability to document and review medication, allergy and condition list
  • Option to query insurance and pharmacies for prescription list from all
  • Compliant with DEA and federal government requirements
  • Intuitive user interface that requires minimal training
  • Live, US-based technical support
  • Cloud based
  • HIPAA-compliant data storage and nightly backup

EPCS lets you send all your patients’ prescriptions over a secure system.

At Stratus EMR we work with you to provide the best tools for your treatment. So when the DEA changed its restrictions on electronic prescribing of controlled substances in 2010 we naturally made it our priority to offer you that service. That's why we're one of the first EMRs certified for EPCS.

Prescriptions go directly between you and the pharmacy — no more worrying about prescription pads going missing or fraudulent phoned-in prescriptions.

Make your practice as secure and efficient as possible by using our built-in e-prescribing service.

For more information, e-mail info@stratusemr.com or call us at 888-919-4313.