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Behavioral Health

At Stratus EMR we want to help relieve your workload so you can focus on the important stuff — helping your clients and patients.


Our software not only saves you time, it allows you to shape it to fit your office’s specific needs.

Stratus EMR has customizable templates for visits, treatment plans and intake information, which allow you to select from common options rather than write out a full note by hand. Of course, you can always choose to write a free-text note if that’s your preference.


We take away the worry that unauthorized employees will access confidential records.

Our software lets you specify which employees have access to which parts of a record. Both clinicians and patients can be confident that their information is protected.


Need to share records? No problem.

Stratus EMR makes it simple to share records among authorized counselors, social workers and medical providers. So you no longer have to go through the hassle of phone calls, faxes and emails to share with authorized colleagues.