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Stratus EMR offers a version of our electronic medical record and practice management system tailored to clinics and doctors who use Treat addiction. The software has been developed in conjunction with providers, and offers the following features:

  • Customizable templates for induction and maintenance visits, which means a standard visit can be documented in less than a minute
  • Ability to easily share treatment information and demographics with counselors who are treating the same patient
  • Tracking of the number of patients on buprenorphine and which doctor is supervising them
  • Quick access to up-to-date prescription history reports, on both individual patient and clinic levels
  • Quick access to treatment histories and lab results relevant to addiction treatment
  • Automatic tracking and notification of whether patients are getting biannual exams by a doctor
  • Automatic eligibility verification with most insurance companies — can be run overnight for the next day’s patients so you know in advance if a patient will have insurance issues
  • Seamless electronic claims submissions
  • Intuitive interfaces that require minimal training and experience to use
  • Option to include the ASAM Decision Engine, based on the ASAM patient placement criteria


If you’re going to use software, it had better save you time.

You don’t want to spend five minutes searching for a menu item when that time would be far better spent face-to-face with a patient. You want that key feature at your fingertips.

Stratus EMR software includes all the features you’ve been dreaming of, and none of the ones that get in your way.